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Sound Healing Nosara, Sound Healer.

Sound Healing in Nosara

Costa Rica

Sound Healing is the use of vibrations and harmonies to restore our natural resonance, bring us back to harmonic balance and support our life experience.

A moment for deep relaxation that washes away the stress and tension, carrying you with gentleness, softness and care, into a meditative calm state.

Sound Healing Session for groups or individuals in Nosara.

Sound Journeys

For groups

Group sound journeys offer a space for deep meditation, and relaxation. This experience can support you to improve your sleep, feel recharged and at peace. A relaxing soundscape will be created to hold space for the intentions of the group, using instruments like singing bowls, rain sticks, shamanic drum, chimes and more.

Individual Sound Healing Session

In person experience at your home

Individual sound healing sessions allow us to go deeper in supporting your life experience at the moment. We can address any challenges that you may be facing, and integrate elements such as energy clearing and vibrational/wisdom channeling. 

These sessions also can help as you move through big shifts or celebrations in your life.

Cacao Celebration and Songs

For Groups or Individuals

When we gather to share the cacao we honor our connection to the Earth and the elements; we remember the value in intentional gathering by enhancing the sacredness of the details.

We will enjoy the flavor and benefits of costarican cacao, share collective blessings, guided gratitude meditation, and songs, followed by shamanic drum sound meditation.

Percussion and Traditional Dances

For groups

Sound healing can also be an active experience that you take part in, and we do that with drumming. Allowing ourselves to explore and have fun playing and dancing to the sound of drums can create a sense of commUNITY that results beneficial to our health. 

Voice Activation

For Groups or Individuals

A voice activation is an activity to feel more comfortable with your voice, for singing, or to learn how to use your own sounds as a self sound healing tool. 

In this practice you will have the opportunity to observe emotions and release them with sounds. Making space to connect with our essence of joy and playfulness.

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