Where will my sound healing session be held?

Most of my clients for private sessions have me visit them at their homes or vacation rentals when they feel comfortable about having their session in the living room or meditation/yoga space.  Also I work in collaboration with a couple of retreat centers where I can have access to a private healing room. If you […]

How regularly should I go to a sound healing session?

Each person is different and the needs or life experiences at the moment will be the guides.  I will be happy to discuss this with each of my clients to find out together what works best for each individual. Although receiving a sound healing session at least once a month can be very beneficial for […]

What are some sound healing benefits?

Reduce tensión Regulates your nervous system. Access deep states of meditation. Reduction of anxiety and stress Improves sleep. Clarity and overall balance of the mind, body, and spirit Deep sense of calm Improves memory and focus Connection with your higher self Heightens creativity Increases sense of self